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corso repo connect filesystem

Ensures a connection to an existing repository on local or network storage.

corso repo connect filesystem --path <path> [flags]


# Connect to a Corso repository on local or network attached storage
corso repo connect filesystem --path /tmp/corso-repo


--azure-tenant-idAzure tenant ID
--azure-client-idAzure app client ID
--azure-client-secretAzure app client secret
--passphrasePassphrase to protect encrypted repository contents
--pathpath to local or network storage
--help-hfalsehelp for filesystem

Global and inherited flags

--config-file$HOME/.corso.tomlconfig file location
--debug-api-callsfalseadd non-2xx request/response errors to logging
--hide-progressfalseturn off the progress bar displays
--jsonfalseoutput data in JSON format
--log-filecorso-<timestamp>.loglocation for writing logs, use '-' for stdout
--log-formattextset the log format to text
--log-levelinfoset the log level to debug
--mask-sensitive-datafalseanonymize personal data in log output
--no-statsfalsedisable anonymous usage statistics gathering
--retain-progressfalseretain the progress bar displays after completion
--verbosefalsedon't hide additional information