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· 4 min read
Georgi Matev

Data Protection Gumbo, I recently sat down to talk with Demetrius Malbrough on a recent episode of his Data Protection Gumbo podcast. We covered several topics related to data protection for SaaS services in general and M365 specifically as well as the role of open source tools like Corso can play to help secure this data. I have summarized some of the key discussion points below, but I highly recommend listening to the full episode. Also, if you aren't following the podcast and Demetrius already, you should!

· 9 min read
Nočnica Mellifera

Not your backups, not your data

Rackspace is having a rough few days.

The story thus far

Rackspace Technology announced on December 7th that, six days after suffering a ransomware attack, they're still unable to determine when normal email service will be restored to the thousands of hosted Microsoft Exchange customers. They asked for customers' patience and provided temporary email fixes as they continue to investigate the attack that began late last week and has caused ongoing disruptions.

Service interruptions started on December 5th with no end in sight.